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Benji Bars

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Benji Bars came to us to create a new brand for their mom-crafted protein bar. An ambitious mom entrepreneur created the world’s first dehydrated protein bar made primarily out of almonds. Benji Bars are groundbreaking protein bars with incredible nutritional facts and a taste that is out of this world.


Benji Bars began with just a vision, a spark, an idea — and a delicious protein bar. Our biggest challenge was materializing a brand from an idea and a vision. The Benji Bars team had a product with immense potential, a small customer base, and a solid mission backed by a strong sense of company values. What they didn’t have was any branding, creative or marketing materials. Our challenge was to build a delicious brand worthy of a delicious bar from scratch.

Strategy + Design

Brand Strategy

Benji Bars were named after their President and CEO’s diabetic son, who inspired the creation of the bars, a low-glycemic, easy and convenient snack. The personal significance of the product was wrapped so closely into the brand and the identity of the company that we knew the logo and brand marks had to incorporate a human element.

Our client partners liked the idea of using a handprint to represent this connection, and had developed a slogan as part of their mission statement: “Make your mark on the world.” From this direction, we extrapolated this into a fingerprint for the logo mark, using a square shape to represent the shape of the bars. Every fingerprint is a unique human representation of it’s owner and is literally the mark we leave on the world, everywhere we go. The mark has another personal layer of significance for the Benji Bars team, as Benji pricks his finger every day to keep track of his blood sugars, which is what inspired the entire business.

As we worked with the Benji Bars team to develop their brand pillars, we heard words like honest, dependable, human, healthful, homemade, grassroots, playful, bright, simple, and clean. We simplified these ideas into two brand pillars, and used this foundation to build the brand messaging and the visual elements. As we expanded the brand through website design, product packaging, business cards and other print collateral, we added a hand-drawn visual design element to bring to life the human touch and keep the brand modern, bright and clean, while introducing a playful and fun mood.

We paired the site with a robust eCommerce platform. This platform will be scalable to the website and product offering as the grow. It will also seamlessly integrate with a 3PL allowing Benji Bars to use an outside fulfillment company adding instant infrastructure to their organization.

“Thank you again, STORY listened and nailed the message!”

Julie Maddox

President, Sugar Beeze LLC