A Brand Promoter

Struggling to get your latest product or service noticed? Let us find a voice for your brand on Instagram and build your follower audience. Instagram Influencers have established accounts with an existing audience base and accepted credibility that they can leverage to persuade their followers to try your product or service!


Increased Social Exposure

Most of the hashtags used on Instagram are branded, which means they have the power to sell. Many potential buyers will do their product research on social media, presenting a great opportunity to showcase your brand! It can be hard to create buzz about your product or service without established credibility, and an Instagram influencer can help bridge that gap.


As Your Audience Scrolls

There isn't an end-point for Instagram influence. Depending on what new product you are launching or service you are offering, your need for an Instagram Influencer can change. We offer this service as a monthly engagement as part of our marketing capabilities.


Competitive Pricing

We’d love to give you an exact price on our website but everyone's situation and story is a little bit different. We always tell people we are not the most expensive in town but we are not the cheapest. We are a professional company that delivers professional results.

They Chose STORY.

Since 2006, we’ve consulted with over 500 businesses. We love our clients!

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