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Ben Pettit, Owner and CEO of STORY Agency

It’s OK to Want to Grow Your Business

By Ben Pettit / September 20, 2020

We always say a year is one for the history books, but 2020 is one of the history books. A global pandemic, coupled with a cratered economy, has left people with a downright lousy outlook.

For many business owners, the past few months have been about surviving as every metric, plan and rubric has been altered, thrown away, pulled out of the trash can, and re-altered again. However, what if you are ready to get out of this downturn? What if you want to start growing despite a pandemic?

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The Greenville Story of Ben Pettit

By Ben Pettit / September 2, 2020

Now, let’s meet one of our Greenville neighbors, Ben Pettit.

How long have you been in the Greenville/Upstate area? Since I was two years old.

What is the most interesting fact about yourself? I thrive on moving fast. One semester, I took 23 hours of classes, which I thought was normal.

What is your background? I grew up in Spartanburg and went to high school in that area. Then, I hopped over to Anderson College, which became Anderson University right as I graduated and then settled. My wife and I have been in Greenville since 2011.

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Two Minutes with Ben Pettit, CEO of STORY

By Ben Pettit / August 24, 2020

Ben Pettit may be the quintessential Upstate man. A Spartanburg native, he graduated from Anderson University and has worked in Greenville for the past 14 years — the majority of that as a business owner in the world of marketing and web design. For the past nine years, he has been the CEO of STORY, an agency that offers creative digital solutions to everyday business problems, and with a growing team of creative professionals, our work spans from the South East to the entire nation. He has answered our random questions showing an insight into his business acumen including his resourcefulness in getting off a desert island.

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