A Modern Marketing Medium

Ads on music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora present a unique opportunity to engage your audience through a new medium. In the "age of the earbud", you can promote your product or service in between your customer's favorite song and capitalize on the fact that the brain can only comprehend one audio message at a time - yours! Our team can help you produce or design the audio and visual ads too.


Your Customers Are Streaming

Younger generations are consuming 25+ hours of streamed music a week, which provides ample time for them to hear or see your ads. Unlike written ads, audio can resonate with a listener and emotionally capture their attention, resulting in a higher ROI. If you are tired of wasting money on radio buys, it is time to capitalize on today's audience behavior and consider advertising on Spotify and Pandora.


If Your Audience Is Listening

Any advertising spend is going to happen on a monthly basis, based on your budget. Working with STORY, we will assess your target audience and decide what buying strategy will work best for your goals. We will help you decide which platform to choose and show you performance metrics along the way.


Competitive Pricing

We’d love to give you an exact price on our website but everyone's situation and story is a little bit different. We always tell people we are not the most expensive in town but we are not the cheapest. We are a professional company that delivers professional results.

They Chose STORY.

Since 2006, we’ve consulted with over 500 businesses. We love our clients!

Capabilities in Spotify & Pandora Ads

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Media Buys

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Reach Your Audience While They Stream

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