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Zipit Wireless

Web Design

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As a leader in internet of things solutions and a pioneer in critical communications, Zipit Wireless is an organization with vast capabilities and infrastructure. They have more than a decade of experience helping internationally recognized brands bring valuable, connected products to market, and their critical communications platform is a best-in-class solution for the fast, reliable messaging needed in emergency situations.


Zipit approached us to build a new custom web solution for their organization. Their current website was outdated, unresponsive, and didn’t communicate the variety of their expertise. In our discovery and strategy meetings, we learned that their business is multi-faceted. They offer two solutions which cater to two different audiences. The two aspects of their expertise are different but connected. One is a ready-to-use product for critical communication; the other is a service helping brands create a connected platform for their products. We needed to create a web presence that accurately communicated both sides of their enterprise to each targeted audience, all housed under one brand and one cohesive, easy-to-navigate website.

Strategy + Design

Site Architecture

Our strategy began with a reworking of the sitemap to encourage a better user flow and give more definition to each of Zipit’s verticals of expertise. Their previous sitemap was confusing to navigate, with almost all pages on the top level and no overarching structure. There was no secondary navigation, and most interior pages were navigated to with a mix of inline links that may also lead off-site to an exterior news article or blog post. We reorganized their content to increase usability and target the right audiences.


The new site design uses clean aesthetic beauty to highlight the technology, and increased usability makes it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. To direct users to both parts of the website and not give either vertical preference, we designed the homepage with dual-featured images and targeted messages. We developed taglines for their two verticals, Critical Communications (“Connecting People”) and Internet of Things (“Connecting Devices”). By adding calls to action to the footer throughout the site, we used these taglines to direct users back to these main hubs of information.


Our design is clean, spacious and modern, highlighting Zipit’s technological capabilities. Evocative imagery connects to the humanity-driven Critical Communications side of the site while sleek images of devices highlight the technology-driven Internet of Things side.

Case Study

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