Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Our team of marketing professionals set up and optimize conversion tracking to help you understand how your ads are performing and where to focus your efforts. Here’s how we can help you with conversion tracking:

  1. Attribution Modeling: We analyze the data from conversion tracking to understand the customer journey and attribute conversions to the correct ads and keywords.
  2. Conversion Funnel Analysis: We track conversions at each stage of the marketing funnel to identify any bottlenecks or areas for improvement.
  3. Performance Reporting: We provide regular reports on your conversion tracking data, including conversion rates, cost per conversion, and other relevant metrics.

Why Google Ads Conversion Tracking is Beneficial:

  • Measure Campaign Effectiveness: Conversion tracking allows you to see which campaigns, ads, and keywords are driving conversions, helping you allocate your budget more effectively.
  • Enhance User Experience: Conversion tracking helps you understand how users interact with your website, allowing you to optimize the user experience and increase conversions.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Conversion tracking provides valuable data that can help you make informed decisions about your advertising strategy, leading to better results.

Ready to improve your Google Ads campaigns with conversion tracking? Let STORY help you set up and optimize your conversion tracking for maximum effectiveness. Contact us today to get started!