We do great work, with great people, for great people.

About Us

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We tell the stories of forward-thinking organizations and create platforms that strategically reach their target audience.


STORY is a brand agency. We have one mission — to help our clients tell great stories. We work with great people, doing great things, making a positive impact on the world. As storytellers, we use multiple mediums, but the mission is always the same. We desire to communicate an honest message to our clients and our clients’ customers. We partner with our clients to craft, mold, and reinforce their brand to the world.

We are a small boutique agency with incredibly smart people who have enormous talent and expertise in their field. We put a high importance on relationships, and our staff is our greatest asset. We’re a team full of crazy-smart, super-talented, degreed creatives who value the craftsmanship of good design. We are the storytellers that think of six impossible things before breakfast, then choose one of those things and make it possible. STORY believes that excellence is something we should pursue on a daily basis, and the inspiration behind our passion comes from the greatest story ever told.


Everyone has that friend who tries to retell a funny joke but can never quite get it right. He gets right to the punch line and screws it all up. Unfortunately, that friend might be your business. Your catch is shaky and your proposition, while novel, may be same as everyone else’s. We help you find the secret sauce that is the authentic heartbeat of your organization. We cultivate that into your story and help promote it to the world.

STORY Founder + CEO

Ben Pettit

Ben is an innovator, business model architect, and disciplined marketing strategist. Ben’s background is different than most as he studied music and business at Anderson University. This unique background allows Ben to lead creatives effectively while speaking the language of the business world. After hours, you will find him involved at his church or spending time with his wife and daughter.

Connect with Ben on Twitter at @benpettit