Web Design

Most Websites Fall Short.

Most websites that are built today are hard to update and even harder to expand in the future.

Wouldn't it be better to create a website that can grow with you?

laptop view of SMC homepage

Step One

Schedule an appointment.

Step Two

We will create a customized plan.

Step Three

Success on the web!

Isn't It Time To Have A Website You Can Be Proud Of?


Keep it simple.

You will hear us say... probably a million times... keep the main thing the main thing. We call it the "double tweet rule". If you we can't say it in double a tweet we need to rewrite it.

Our Client Agreement

A site you are completely satisfied with.

Initial and ongoing website training is always free.

Simple updates like changing out text or a photo are free.

You are our a partner in business, not just another client.