Google Ads

Increase your lead volume and quality.

We are a conversion-centric Google Ads buyer. We prioritize ROI (Return On Investment) and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). Our campaigns are optimized to reach the highest conversion value to cost, ensuring your company’s marketing budgets go as far as possible.

Success Metrics

What You Can Expect

Form Fills

Grow Form Fills

Expand your site traffic and generate more leads, applicants, and sales through your website’s forms.

Web Design (UI/UX)

Direct Users to Your Website

Guide your visitors through the beginning of the buying journey with Google Ads that direct your target audience to landing pages on your website.

Store Visits

Increase In-Store Visits

Showcase your products and services to local customers via Google Ads with location targeting and amplify your number of in-store visits.

Phone Calls

Drive More Phone Calls

Increase calls from potential and current customers using Google Ads that feature your company’s phone number with a click-to-call option.

Start boosting your online visibility with Google Ads.

Types of Google Ads

Turn Intent into Growth

Get in front of potential customers as they search on Google. Display your search ad at the pivotal moment when someone searches for keywords corresponding to the products and services you offer. Ads shown at the right time will convert a potential buyer into a valuable customer. Google Ads remains one of the most cost-effective means of lead generation.

Google Ads

Search Ads

Show an ad to your target audience when they search for your product or service.

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads

Showcase your products at the top of Google’s search page for better conversion rates.

Video Ads

Video Ads

Drive engagement by showing video ads on YouTube through Google’s video partnership.

Our relationship with STORY has helped us rapidly grow our business with a strategic marketing approach. Thanks to STORY we now truly have a brand and that brand is cohesive across all aspects of our company and marketing.

Burt L. 
Owner, One to One Plus

Drive the Right Traffic Through Goal-Driven Strategies.

We have the expertise and resources to create effective campaigns that build your brand’s online presence, which is essential for businesses. Clients can expect to benefit from our wide range of experience and build a larger digital footprint in their industry.


Increased CTR

We provided a better quality score, reached a more targeted audience, and increased sales for an international manufacturing client.


New Leads

We provided a 233% increase in monthly leads compared to our client's previous specialized service-business marketing company.

The Service

Why Should You Become A Client?

  • Monthly Account Strategist Consultation
  • Integration into ClientHub for Management and Communication
  • Daily Campaign Monitoring and Optimization

Proven Process


Data is knowledge. Our team will comprehensively analyze your current marketing campaigns to understand employed strategies, performance, and effectiveness. This can help us optimize the strengths and improve the weaknesses to ensure you are achieving your desired outcomes. This analysis will also help us better understand your target audience and more effectively reach them. Finally, we can establish a benchmark for your performance against competitors, uncovering areas of improvement and differentiation.

Keyword Selection

Choosing the right keywords is vital to reaching your target audience and eliminating ad budget waste. We thoroughly research keywords to ensure a low cost while achieving a high conversion rate. We select keywords that will most likely be searched by users interested in your company. We then analyze what those users actively search for and eliminate unnecessary terms using negative keywords.


Campaigns can be optimized for conversions, such as filling out a form or purchasing. After identifying the ads, audiences, and channels that most effectively generate sales leads, we can adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Conversion Tracking

We know you value performance. That’s why we track conversions in all of our ad campaigns to give insight into how your ads’ performance relates directly to your campaign’s success. Conversion tracking also allows us to identify which ads and keywords are most successful for your campaign and which should be removed.