Programmatic Media Buying

Powerful Audience Building

Reach audience segments that exceed the reach of paid search and social media advertising.

We aim to find new customers or build awareness for your brand. We mix your first party data with others to make special audiences of people to show ads to. We gather lots of information about your potential customers, like where they live, what they like, and how they shop. Then we make a plan to show them ads that they will like, at the right time, on the right device, and on the right channel. These targets are developed using over 300,000+ available data points, including demographic and psychographic insights, shopping behaviors, location data, digital fingerprints, cookies, purchase history, brand affinity, and more.



Using demographic data to target your audience.



Focused hyper-local advertising, targeting places in real-time.

Search HIstory


Target people who have made a specific search query.

Browser History


Target users who are interested in specific subjects & keywords



Show ads to those who have visited your website page(s).



Target event attendees through various ad programs.



Reach new customers by finding audiences like your existing traffic.



Build direct relationships with current or prospective audiences using your 1st and 2nd party data.



Show ads based on user location history data.

Publisher Deals

Direct Deals

Show ads directly on publisher and media giant sites.

Take your advertising to the next level with these strategies today.

Advertising Channels

Gain exposure and engagement with personalized creative ad formats.

Use any or all ad formats to deliver the customized ad experience that online audiences expect.

Display Ad

Display Ads

A display ad, also called a “banner ad,” is often overlooked by marketers despite its effectiveness. It serves as the virtual follow-up method in retargeting, an outreach vehicle for outbound ad programs, and a constant virtual reminder that you are ready to do business.

Video Ad

Video Ads

Video is the most powerful medium in marketing. It is the most effective means of communication in the digital space. Articulately promoting your story in 30 to 60 seconds through video can increase engagement, drive conversions, and educate your customers.

Connected TV

Connected TV (CTV)

With more people cutting the cable and switching to Connected TV devices like Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV, this advertising channel can put your brand on a national stage. We can tailor the ads to the ideal audience’s viewing preferences, allowing only your target audience to see your ads.

Audio Ad

Audio Ads

Audio ads leverage the increasing popularity of internet audio streaming. Grow your product or service awareness among targeted users listening to audiobooks, podcasts, streaming playlists, and audio platforms.

Native Ad

Native Ads

Native ads allow your brand to fit into your audience’s browsing experience on news and blog sites. Thoughtful ads and messaging blend seamlessly with the native publisher’s content, creating an integrative ad experience that works great for white papers, blogs, and thought leadership pieces.

We design and create engaging media for your campaigns too.

The Service

Why Should You Become A Client?

  • Monthly Account Strategist Consultation
  • Integration into ClientHub for Management and Communication
  • Daily Campaign Monitoring and Optimization

Success Metrics

What You Can Expect

Audience listens to the lecturer at the business conference, back view, blue tones

By targeting specific audiences, employing retargeting, and displaying compelling ad creatives, we can increase the chances of driving high-quality traffic to your website and, ultimately, generate more conversions.

Programmatic Ads

Brand Awareness

Tell your brand story through a series of ads that can be sequenced to build a narrative. This approach helps create an emotional connection with the audience, which can result in deeper engagement and brand loyalty.


Sales & Opportunities

Reach potential customers who are more likely to be interested in your product or service and encourage them to act. Generate high-quality sales opportunities and, ultimately, drive more revenue.


Leads & Appointments

Campaigns can be optimized for conversions, such as filling out a form or purchasing. After identifying the ads, audiences, and channels that most effectively generate sales leads, we can adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Targeted Reach with the Top Ad Tech

When you surf the web, data analytics companies record this activity. An individual profile is built for every device ID. Every cell phone, tablet, and laptop. This leverage this anonymous information to help our clients reach new customers, audiences, and markets.

To have a successful programmatic advertising campaign, it is essential to understand the target audience deeply. A brand’s sales and customer data can provide useful insights, but a programmatic platform can offer additional advantages. By using a unique combination of planning, execution, and accurate data analysis, a tailored targeting approach can be created that aligns with a brand’s business objectives. This approach considers the audience’s preferred mode, time, and device for receiving brand messages, allowing for maximum efficiency with media spending.

What is Programmatic Media Buying?

Programmatic advertising is an automated buying process that enables us to purchase ad space across a large number of websites, essentially the entire public internet. It helps us to automate repetitive tasks, concentrate on more important strategies and analyses, while adapting quickly to changes in the industry. This technology allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to shifts in the market while maximizing our advertising efforts.

How We Do It Differently

By using programmatic advertising, you can expand your reach to a larger audience, increase your growth potential, and grow your market share of brand awareness. Our programmatic media buys are purchased in-house, which means we can make the most of your marketing budget without a media broker involved. We are one of a small percentage of independent digital media agencies with these capabilities. This approach allows us to target the right people at the right time, maximizing the number of potential customers and your budget.

Grow confidently and sustainably.

We have the expertise and resources to create effective campaigns that build your brand’s online presence, which is essential for businesses. Clients can expect to benefit from our wide range of experience and build a larger digital footprint in their industry.


More Orders

After engaging with STORY, one of our online retailer clients experienced a significant increase in orders.


Office Location

After two years of partnership, we were thrilled to see our client open an additional location in a neighboring state, expanding their territory.


Product Sales

After a year of partnership, we increased a client's sales by 300%.