Programmatic Media Buying

Explore a world of targeted impressions, strategic placements, and powerful storytelling that transcends traditional advertising boundaries.

Dynamic Display Ads

Often overlooked, yet undeniably effective, display ads are the unsung heroes of digital marketing. Dive into our display ad solutions, designed not just for visibility but for strategic follow-ups. Discover how our display ads serve as constant virtual reminders, fostering brand recall and driving business readiness.


Compelling Video Ads

This dynamic format goes beyond traditional advertising, offering an unparalleled opportunity to increase engagement, drive conversions, and educate your customers through a captivating visual narrative. Our video ads are crafted to tell your brand story in a visually compelling manner, leaving a lasting impression and creating a memorable connection with your audience in the crowded digital space.

Own Every Screen with Connected TV Ads

With more people cutting the cable and embracing connected TV devices, this advertising channel becomes your gateway to a national stage. Utilize Connected TV (CTV) to bring your brand into the living rooms and personal spaces of your target audience, forging a memorable connection that goes beyond traditional advertising boundaries.

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Targeting Your Audiences

We combine thousands of signals from real-time location data, online and offline behavioral patterns, demographic data, and first & third party data



Reach your audience with PinpointTM accuracy by tailoring your media buying to specific cities, neighborhoods, or a radius around a physical location.


1st Party

Connect with your existing audience in a meaningful way, delivering messages that align with their preferences, behaviors, and previous interactions with your brand.


3rd Party

Tap into a vast pool of external insights and demographics to identify and engage potential customers who align with your brand's objectives.

Reach Your Customers Where They Are

Gain access to advertising on millions of apps and websites.


"As the Communications Coordinator at my firm, I work closely with STORY on our website and marketing efforts and cannot say enough good things about them."

Ashley S.
Comm Coordinator, BLE

Utilize Any Ad Format

Display Ad

Display Ads

A virtual follow-up method in retargeting for outbound ad programs.

Video Ad

Video Ads

Increase engagement, drive conversions, and educate your customers.

Connected TV

Connected TV (CTV)

Connected TV devices like Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV can put your brand on a national stage.

Native Ad

Native Ads

Native ads allow your brand to fit into your audience’s browsing experience on news and blog sites.


Digital Out-Of-Home

Capture attention in high-traffic areas through impactful messaging on digital billboards and transit screens.

Audio Ad

Audio Ads

Audiobooks, podcasts, streaming playlists, and audio platforms.


Compliment your campaigns with beautiful and engaging media assets.

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