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Spartanburg Methodist College is the only private, two-year liberal arts college in South Carolina, and one of few in the nation. SMC is located on a 110-acre campus in Spartanburg, South Carolina. With a student/faculty ratio averaging 17:1, students enjoy extensive one-on-one instruction and mentoring. SMC offers liberal arts courses to build a solid foundation for a bachelor’s degree and at completion receive an Associate degree in Arts, Religious Studies, Science, Business Administration, Fine Arts, and Criminal Justice. Students then transfer to a four-year college or university.


SMC approached us to design a new admissions-focused website. The primary goal was to increase their enrollment and improve the perception of their brand. During our brand discovery sessions, we learned that SMC had internal inconsistencies in their messaging and marketing materials. The college had experienced several years of stagnated growth. We faced an uphill battle to work on the front lines of recruitment. We set out to help define their new position, boost their image, and create consistency in brand across all mediums.

Strategy + Design

Brand Strategy

In our brand process, we consistently heard words like small, family atmosphere, close-knit, well-prepared, guidance. The focus group data showed that students time and time again would remark these same words. After much research, we simplified these ideas into two brand pillars, “Personal” and “Intentional.”


With a student population of only 800, SMC offers small class sizes, individual attention, and personal relationships with professors and advisors. Because SMC caters to only college freshman and sophomores, students won’t get lost in the crowd or have to compete with juniors and seniors for leadership opportunities. The community is close-knit and accepting, allowing students to jump into the college experience right away.


SMC’s has a broad liberal arts approach to education and their commitment to student success through close academic advising, extensive tutoring, and career services. Based on our research we found that students have a better chance of college success by spending their first two years at SMC instead of going straight to a four-year university. SMC is intentional about student success. Students become a big fish in a small pond so that they can move on to a four-year school and become a big fish in a big pond.

User Experience

The entire site architecture was restructured to break down the most important information into six major sections. The previous structure repeated links and had multiples of the same page with different names within the navigation. The new site architecture streamlines the entire navigation and eliminates any confusion. Simple, clean, user-friendly.


Large, beautiful photographs showcase student and academic life at SMC, highlighting the brand pillars by showing small class sizes and students interacting closely with professors, as well as the beautiful campus and residential activity. Sophisticated typographic combinations lend a premium feel to the site, while ample white space and simplified messaging give the marketing language room to breathe.