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Online advertising is an essential part of a successful marketing, and re-marketing, strategy. Stop driving the wrong visitors to your website and stop wasting marketing dollars on unqualified clicks.

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Scaling Up for Success

Programmatic Advertising

At STORY, we utilize our cutting edge, programmatic ad platform to manage and drive campaigns from the planning through the reporting stages. Our goal is to optimize your ad placements and for you to grow your revenue, while we use our expertise to drive performance in your campaigns. Utilizing Hyperlocal Targeting, artificial intelligence, and buying from 2000+ private marketplaces and vendors, we ensure that your advertising spend will deliver strong results.


Programmatic Ads

Google Ads

Social Ads

Remarketing Banners

Online Ads Management

Running effective ad campaigns require constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure that your keywords are relevant, your ads are displaying to the right people, and your ad's copy is converting. For this reason, this service is a monthly engagement with STORY so that we can A/B test, fine tune, and ultimately have continued success.

Capabilities in Digital Advertising

Account Setup
Ad Copy Writing
Campaign Creation

Keyword Research
A/B Testing
Performance Reports

Campaign Management
Re-Targeting Ads
Re-Marketing Banners

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