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STORY Featured on Creative Market

By Ben Pettit / February 12, 2020

We’re so excited to announce that STORY Agency and our CEO, Ben Pettit, have been featured in the article, “Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2020” on Creative Market! Ben discusses website builders and their increasing popularity due to the simplicity and ability to make on-demand changes. “As this year comes to a close, we look toward the new year with excitement for the web design trends for 2020. The past year was filled with…

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STORY Editor How-To: Add/Edit Photos

By Chelsea / November 11, 2019

[/video-production-greenville-sc]     Need to quickly change or update a photo on your website? The STORY Editor makes it simple! Watch our quick how-to video to see how. **Note: It is important to keep the size of your photos in mind when adding them to your website. A great rule of thumb is a maximum of 1920px wide for full-screen images and less than 1200px wide for most other photos. Make sure they aren’t…

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Remarketing vs. Retargeting: What You Need to Know to Grow Your Online Business

By Ben Pettit / September 30, 2019

  Every internet-using person has encountered both remarketing and retargeting strategies from many different companies continuously throughout a typical day on the internet. These are the “random” banner ads for that product you were just browsing for that pop up on websites such as Facebook and your favorite news site (retargeting), or the recurring email with information from a home goods store you get every day (remarketing). Though some of these ads appear random…

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