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Having an active social media presence can be an overwhelming task. We can manage all of your accounts, posting relevant and engaging content, as well as responding to user comments and producing metrics for performance. Social media accounts that are managed as an afterthought might as well not exist at all, let us help you turn them into a powerful marketing tool.


Posts Can Be Powerful

An active social media presence can build a relationship with your audience, portray your company culture to potential talent, and build brand loyalty. Even though posting to social media might not be on the forefront of your marketing efforts, it can be an easy way to lose potential customers and be outworked by your competition if forgotten.


Alongside Your Other Marketing

Social media management is a STORY service that happens as a monthly engagement. We have touchpoints with you each month to curate content, schedule posts, and plan for upcoming events in your organization pertaining to product launches, promotions, and company culture highlights.


Competitive Pricing

We’d love to give you an exact price on our website but everyone's situation and story is a little bit different. We always tell people we are not the most expensive in town but we are not the cheapest. We are a professional company that delivers professional results.

They Chose STORY.

Since 2006, we’ve consulted with over 500 businesses. We love our clients!

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