STORY Agency Welcomes KATANA Safety

We are excited to reveal our latest collaboration with KATANA Safety, a pioneering force in the field of lone worker safety solutions. This collaboration is fueled by our shared commitment to enhancing the safety and well-being of employees across various industries, particularly in healthcare and social services where lone workers often find themselves in vulnerable situations.

Safety Solutions Meet Strategic Digital Expertise
The team at KATANA Safety are innovators in personal safety technology. Their unique products, including an advanced safety app and a companion device, are designed to provide lone workers with critical protection through features like a patented quick-trigger alert. At STORY, we recognize the profound impact that reliable safety measures can have on worker retention and organizational success. We are thrilled to help KATANA Safety amplify their message and bring their essential safety solutions to a broader audience.

Empowering Employees and Protecting Investments
Our partnership will focus on leveraging digital marketing strategies to highlight how KATANA’s technologies not only safeguard employees but also serve as a strategic investment for businesses. By enhancing worker safety, companies can significantly reduce turnover rates and maintain operational stability—key factors in achieving business success.

A Future Focused on Safety and Success
As we kickstart our journey with KATANA Safety, our goal at STORY is to create impactful digital campaigns that resonate with decision-makers in healthcare and social services, including Google and programmatic advertising, email marketing, direct mail campaigns, and more. We are committed to delivering creative and compelling content that drives engagement and fosters a safer environment for lone workers.

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Caroline Turner

Meet Caroline Turner, one of our Marketing Managers here at STORY. Caroline leverages her bachelor's degree from Anderson University to drive impactful digital marketing campaigns. Skilled in strategizing, implementing, and optimizing Google ads, programmatic campaigns, and social ads, she plays a pivotal role in managing select marketing accounts and enhancing our clients' digital presence.