Our Team

Our strength and most valuable asset are our people. We are keen on attracting the brightest and most competent minds to form our unique approach toward marketing & media consulting. From our growing in-house team to external partners we have what we believe to be the best in the diversity of skills, backgrounds, personalities, experiences, and technology. This unique mix is what makes us a leader in digital marketing services.

Ben Pettit, Owner and CEO of STORY Agency
Benjamin Pettit

President & CEO

Meet Ben Pettit, the hands-on Founder and CEO of STORY. With a wealth of experience in digital marketing, Ben has a knack for crafting strategies that drive growth. He's worked with a diverse range of companies, both nationally and internationally, and is known for his personal approach to client work.

Ben is more than just a CEO. He's a thought leader in his field, often sharing his insights on local television and in articles. At STORY, he's on the front lines, working directly with clients to ensure their success. Under Ben's leadership, STORY is a place where businesses come to grow and succeed.

Chelsea Valainias
Chelsea A. Valainis

Vice President, Creative Director

Chelsea is the Vice President and Creative Director at STORY. She leads our creative efforts under the belief that “creativity cuts through the noise, it doesn't just yell louder.” Before coming to STORY, Chelsea worked as a marketing manager in the enterprise software industry. She is a Greenville native and Clemson University graduate who loves college football, red wine, and spending time with her husband and their daughter.

Jonathan Tribble Headshot
Jonathan Tribble

Director of Marketing Services

Jonathan Tribble is the Director of Marketing Services at STORY, overseeing the creation, implementation, and execution of digital marketing strategies. He has extensive experience specializing in SEO, SEM, graphic design, and account service.  He holds a BA in Graphic Design from Anderson University. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife and two kids, playing video games, watching movies, and eating at new restaurants.

Caroline Turner

Marketing Associate

Caroline, an Anderson University graduate, holds a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations with a Minor in Marketing. Currently, she assists with shaping captivating campaigns and engaging social media content. When not at work, Caroline enjoys spending time outdoors and experimenting with new recipes.

Olivia Quick

Digital Designer

Olivia, a Greenville native, completed her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Communication, French Language Studies, and Strategic Design at Furman University and Miami Ad School of Atlanta. Olivia creates engaging graphics and social media content for clients. Outside of work, she explores Greenville events, listens to true crime podcasts, and spends time with loved ones.

Who We Are

At STORY, we are more than just a marketing agency; we are storytellers dedicated to fostering lasting relationships with exceptional companies and their customers. Our mission is to empower each unique brand with the highest quality marketing services, starting with their individual story. We believe in the distinctiveness of every company, and our goal is to listen attentively, suggest strategic changes, and nurture growth. We grow stories.

Our Mantra: Do Great Work. With Great People. For Great People.

This mantra is the heartbeat of our agency. The first 'great' represents STORY's commitment to excellence. We strive to offer unparalleled marketing services through a blend of professionalism, creativity, and effective communication. Whether the project is large or small, our focus is unwavering excellence.

The second 'great' reflects our clients. We seek partnerships with companies that make a positive impact – in the world, in their communities, and within their own teams. Our clients are change-makers, innovators, and leaders in their fields.

The final 'great' is about our client's customers. We understand the profound impact our marketing and communication strategies have on these audiences. We approach this responsibility with the utmost care, ensuring that every message we craft and every story we tell resonates deeply and positively.

At STORY, we are committed to crafting narratives that not only elevate brands but also create meaningful connections. Our mission is to drive growth and success through innovative digital marketing strategies, grounded in the power of storytelling and backed by data-driven insights. We are here to turn your unique story into a legacy of success.

Jonathan Tribble
Caroline Turner
Olivia Quick

Our Values

01. Growth Culture

We foster an environment that promotes professional growth and honors servant leadership, through the understanding that feedback is a gift.

02. The Best 40

We strive for a work-life balance. Our philosophy is to give the best 40 hours each week, working from rest to live vibrant lives.

03. Collaboration

Our creativity is fueled through collaboration by thinking outside the box and stretching the limits of what is possible and expected.

04. Professionalism

We aspire to be the masters of our craft pursuing meaningful relationships with a spirit of curiosity and respect.