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At STORY, we excel in B2B marketing, harnessing our extensive experience with hundreds of B2B companies since 2009. Our strategies are powered by advanced technology, enabling us to deliver highly effective and precisely targeted B2B marketing campaigns that drive substantial business growth.


A Legacy of Success

  • Over a decade of experience in B2B
  • A track record of driving measurable results
  • Consistently delivering innovative solutions

State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Leveraging advanced tools and platforms
  • Implementing cutting-edge analytics and
    AI foroptimization
  • Utilizing proprietary data for superior B2B

B2B Marketing Strategies

Explore our case studies to discover client success stories.

Holistic Campaign Execution

Integrated B2B Multi-Channel Approach

B2B Data-Driven Decision Making

Case Study Success Stories


B2B Tech Industry Leader


A prominent tech company aimed to broaden its market reach and generate high-quality leads.


Executed a multi-channel ABM strategy, incorporating targeted programmatic ads and personalized email campaigns.


Achieved a 40% boost in lead generation and a 30% enhancement in conversion rates.

B2B Tech Industry Leader


A leading manufacturing company aimed to heighten brand awareness and foster greater engagement.


Implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy integrating social media, search engine marketing, and direct mail campaigns.


Achieved a 50% increase in brand visibility and substantially elevated audience engagement.


Why Choose STORY?

Dedicated B2B Expertise

  • A team of seasoned professionals with extensive industry knowledge
  • Committed to understanding your business and goals
  • Personalized service tailored to meet your unique needs

Innovative B2B Solutions

  • Leading the industry with cutting-edge marketing technology
  • Proactively adopting new tools and techniques
  • Committed to delivering innovative solutions that achieve tangible results

Dedicated B2B Expertise

  • Passionately dedicated to achieving tangible results
  • Rigorous in tracking and measuring success
  • Committed to continuous improvement and optimization

Partner with STORY

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