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Programmatic Advertising: Understanding the Basics, Benefits, and Best Practices.

By Ben Pettit / May 19, 2023

TL;DR: Programmatic advertising is a technology-driven approach to buying and selling digital advertising space in real-time. It allows advertisers to reach their target audience with greater precision and efficiency, using a variety of tools and platforms to bid on ad space and place ads in various formats. Programmatic advertising is highly data-driven and can be tailored to specific marketing goals, but also comes with potential risks and challenges that advertisers should be aware of.…

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Ben Pettit

Best Digital Marketing for B2B Using Programmatic Ads

By Ben Pettit / April 26, 2023

Tl:DR: B2B companies can use programmatic ads to reach their target audience with relevant and personalized messages, use account-based marketing to target high-value accounts, retarget users who have engaged with their brand, and measure and optimize their ad campaigns in real-time. Programmatic advertising aims to increase brand awareness, engagement, and conversion rates. Programmatic advertising is a form of digital advertising that uses automated technology to buy and optimize ad inventory in real-time. This type…

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Upstate Granite Solutions & STORY

By Ben Pettit / January 4, 2022

STORY is pleased to announce it has been retained for marketing services by Upstate Granite Solutions. Upstate Granite Solutions is a Granite and Fabrication company in Upstate, SC, known for its rock-solid service.  Their mission is to be the countertop solution by offering superior products that make luxury affordable. With over 800 full-scale slabs of stone that you can see, touch and feel, they are a one-stop shop with a simple process from your…

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