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Stock Photography or Real Photography?

By Ben Pettit / January 3, 2019

Humans are visual beings. Our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than they can decode text. Since we are limited in the amount of information we can process at once, it is easy to see why visual information takes priority in our brains over textual information, since it is so much more easily processed. Visual content makes up 93% of all human communication. So, what does this have to do with web design?…

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The Importance Of Professional Headshots

By Chelsea / November 29, 2018

Most of us have heard the idiom, “a picture paints a thousand words.” It conveys the notion that a picture can communicate in a second what would typically take a full page of text. Well, according to, this idiom is very true. Statistics show that when we read a piece of information, we will forget 90% of it after just three days. However, if that same information is paired with an image, our…

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