Case Study Samples

Targeting the Right Leads

By Chelsea / June 18, 2021

As an established, top-tier engineering firm with an expanding portfolio, BLE needed its website to be as burgeoning as they were. Their existing site didn’t allow for quick or easy changes and was proving to be an SEO challenge. We utilized BLE’s existing website design and developed it on our STORY Editor platform, providing them with a true marketing tool that aided in search engine optimization and site speed. As their marketing agency, this…

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Expanding Business in the Southeast

By Chelsea / June 16, 2021

As a premier supplier of Henny Penny, the best restaurant and convenience store equipment available, Price Davis has been a vital part of the American pitstop for over 40 years. However, with such a notable reputation, their digital presence did not match their poise.  Price Davis hired STORY as their agency partner to refresh and reinforce their brand through a website redesign, digital advertising, search engine optimization, social media management, videography, and more. Overview…

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Revolutionizing Part Ordering

By Chelsea / May 21, 2020

After being acquired by Illinois Tool Works Inc., ITW Hartness knew they needed to capitalize on their expanding capabilities and broadcast it to the world. STORY stepped in as strategists both creatively and technologically as we consulted with them to develop a website that set them apart from their competitors and to build a parts ordering system with tens of thousands of SKUs. Overview The goal for the parts system was to allow customers…

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