Reaching New Business Segments:

How STORY's Geotargeting and Retargeting Strategy Helped SESCO Build Brand Awareness and Attract Major Grocery Store Clients

Supermarket Environment Services Co. (SESCO®) specializes in engineering and packaging HVAC equipment & systems, Certified Energy Management (CEM), and commissioning. They are your partner in going a bit “greener,” reducing operating costs, and providing the optimal environment for supermarket customers & employees.



Web Design (UI/UX)
Google Ads
Programmatic Ads



As a premier HVAC solutions provider for grocery stores throughout the United States, SESCO's needed brand assets that matched their established and growing business. They hired STORY to specifically help with their website presence and advertising strategy. Working with their sister company, TRS, we were able to seamlessly add this great brand to our marketing process for its success.



With a notable list of current grocery store clients, our mission with SESCO was to reinforce their brand awareness and create opportunities for new business segments.

Using hyper-local geotargeting we were able to geofence the offices of every major grocery store brand. We conceived and designed banner ads that would be shown to these prospects with strategic messaging. We also implemented a robust retargeting strategy to show additional ads to previous website visitors.



Website Development

One of the biggest pain points SESCO had was their previous website design. There were many issues with the site but overall it didn't represent who they were as a company. We prototyped a new website in Adobe XD laying out every single page in a flat design. This process allowed us to experiment with a design that accurately represented SESCO and language that supported them in an authentic and strategic way. To complement their website design we also captured new videography on location in 4K and edited it for web and marketing use.

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