Eliminating Waste and Boosting ROI:

How STORY's Google Ads Strategy Helped Sealevel Save Money and Dominate the Industrial Market

Sealevel Systems, Inc. reinvented the industrial I/O and computing industry with the first RS-422/485 communication adapter for the IBM PC. Since 1986, Sealevel has continued to redefine design, engineering and manufacturing for industrial computers, Ethernet serial servers, USB serial, PCI Express, and PCI bus cards, and IoT hardware and software. Today they offer over 350 core products, available in nearly every configuration imaginable. Their award-winning team of engineers is at your service.



Google Ads
Programmatic Ads


Sealevel has a long history of buying digital media. With over 20 years of Google Ads campaign experience, they were no strangers to winning online. After a robust discovery, we determined that the current Google Ads account had reached its end of life. There was an accrual of campaigns that were no longer helping Sealevel reach its goals.

Many keywords bought through broad match and phrase match were triggered on search queries that were not relevant. This is a common problem we see with businesses that operate B2B but whose keywords overlap with consumer-related searches. For instance, Sealevel has built the world’s fastest and most robust USB hub. Utilized in rugged industrial applications, this weather-proof, dirt-proof, shockproof device was competing in Google Ads with a $10 hub from Amazon.com.