How Our Dynamic Database Streamlined Processes and Boosted Customer Satisfaction

After being acquired by Illinois Tool Works Inc., ITW Hartness knew they needed to capitalize on their expanding capabilities and broadcast it to the world. STORY stepped in as strategists both creatively and technologically as we consulted with them to develop a website that set them apart from their competitors and to build a parts ordering system with tens of thousands of SKUs.



The goal for the parts system was to allow customers to easily look up a particular replacement part by a variety of fields. We developed a dynamic database that was easily searchable and could return parametric values. This system completely replaced an archaic phone ordering process, propelling them into modern digital business practices.

The website strategy included a condensed sitemap and intuitive user experience so that potential and current customers could easily find the information they needed. Sitting on a progressive design, we also built a digital catalog for their machines, which could be filtered by solution and market, and linked to related machines on the production line.


Web Design (UI/UX)
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