Targeting the Right Buyers:

How STORY's Comprehensive Marketing Strategy Helped TRS Reach Decision-Makers with Precision

The leading HVAC and plumbing solutions provider in the Southeastern United States, their mission is to build sustainable, state-of-the-art systems while delivering outstanding customer service. By offering unparalleled system engineering services, continuing education programs, and reliable maintenance support, they serve clients with the utmost care and confidence.



Web Design (UI/UX)
Google Ads
Programmatic Ads



As the leading HVAC and plumbing solutions provider in the southeastern United States, TRS's mission is to build sustainable, state-of-the-art systems while delivering outstanding customer service. With growing territories, TRS is a leading organization in their field but lacked the in-house resources to have a robust marketing strategy. We proposed new websites for all online presences and a diverse array of complementary digital assets.



The marketing challenges were not standard with TRS. The potential buyer of TRS's services is a small group of specific people. They offer multiple disciplines of services from engineering to support for the vast array of manufacturers they represent. Our strategy with TRS is comprehensive and ongoing. Using Google Ads, we are able to buy specific keywords that represent the demands of large purchasers like hospital systems and higher education. We utilize programmatic ads to target specific customers where they work. Using hyper-local geofencing technology, we are showing targeted ads to decision-makers in a radius as small as 20 feet.

In the midst of our 2020 campaign, we all experienced COVID together. This created a new demand from education and corporate entities to purchase full building air purification systems. We designed an ad strategy, creative collateral, and even a window cling to signify the building was being cleaned by TRS technology.



Website Development

One of the biggest pain points TRS had was their previous website design. There were many issues with the site but overall it didn't represent who they were as a company. We prototyped a new website in Adobe XD laying out every single page in a flat design. This process allowed us to experiment with a design that accurately represented TRS and language that supported them in an authentic and strategic way.

With over 65 different manufactures across the southeast, TRS needed an intuitive way to connect their customers with the specific region by region capabilities they offer. We achieved this by developing a custom finder system that utilizes their database and allows you to filter by region and category.

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