This Could Be Your Lightbulb Moment

Lighting Management Inc. (LMI) is a forward-thinking company specializing in economical and environmentally friendly lighting supply and design. Comprising visionary creatives and technical experts, LMI addresses industry challenges, delivering on-time and on-budget solutions with a broad range of manufacturers. As a distributor, LMI offers warehousing, long-term maintenance, and sustainable products, ensuring a distinctive and reliable experience marked by knowledge, trust, and transparency for clients in the ever-evolving lighting industry.

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We collaborated closely with Lighting Management Inc. (LMI) to elevate their brand and online presence, positioning them as a market leader in the lighting supply industry. Our team infused a fresh perspective into their brand identity, capturing the essence of their visionary creativity and commitment to sustainability. The redesigned website reflects a modern, user-friendly interface, effectively showcasing LMI's diverse range of services and the projects they have completed through an image-driven portfolio system.


Web Design (UI/UX)