Standing Out in a Crowded Market:

How STORY's Google Ads and Retargeting Strategy Helped Upstate Granite Boost Sales and Build Brand Awareness

Upstate Granite Solutions is a premium supplier of stone countertops and finishes in the Upstate and surrounding areas. They were founded on the principle of "Rock. Solid. Service." with a mission to provide an outstanding customer experience and impeccable quality.



Web Design (UI/UX)
Google Ads
Programmatic Ads



Upstate Granite Solutions came to STORY with the hopes of building a website that matched the red carpet experience they provide for their clients and marketing expertise to help share their story with new and potential customers. With a growing business that wanted to capitalize on new market segments, they lacked the internal resources to achieve the marketing reach they aspired to gain. We proposed a new website for their company and a year-long marketing effort that included an array of digital assets.



While Upstate Granite's customer service set them apart, they competed with a crowded marketplace within the local area. Differentiating their offering was crucial for capturing the attention of potential customers. We leveraged this positioning within the Google Ads network and our programmatic marketplace to deliver compelling ad copy to highly qualified users based on their interests and recent intent. Additionally, we rolled out a comprehensive retargeting strategy to "follow up" with previous website visitors.

Capitalizing on their new website content opened an incredible opportunity for keyword strategy. We created campaigns highlighting high-performing keywords within the page copy and focused on delivering educational content for potential buyers. All of this was backed by a foundational brand awareness campaign that spread the word about Upstate Granite's incredible service and offerings.


Website Development

Upstate Granite didn't feel that their previous website did a good job of communicating the high-end service and products they provided. It also lacked the proper user flow needed to align with their sales process. We started with a sitemap restructuring that included dedicated landing pages for each stone product, which could be utilized within the marketing strategy. Each page was designed and prototyped to include a cohesive user experience, and website copy focused on keyword optimization. The final design highlighted the incredible jobs that Upstate Granite delivered and included a custom portfolio system to manage new and future projects.

Custom Portfolio System


Project Page Layout