Targeting the Right Leads

As an established, top-tier engineering firm with an expanding portfolio, BLE needed its website to be as burgeoning as they were. Their existing site didn't allow for quick or easy changes and was proving to be an SEO challenge. We utilized BLE's existing website design and developed it on our STORY Editor platform, providing them with a true marketing tool that aided in search engine optimization and site speed. As their marketing agency, this allowed us to capitalize on their new website for targeted campaign conversions and hyperlocal advertising efforts.



To grow Bunnell Lammons Engineering, we needed to target specific people and show up in search for the keywords they may be using. Through location-based targeting, we were able to show ads to specific companies by utilizing their office addresses. After users made a visit to the website, we deployed a comprehensive retargeting strategy that showed them specific banner ads, with creative that we produced to be relevant to the page they visited.

We followed up this direct targeting strategy with a robust Google Ads plan that captured relevant traffic and minimized irrelevant searchers and terms. It was important for us to generate as much qualified web traffic as possible so their sales team wouldn't have to field unqualified leads.


Google Ads
Programmatic Ads