A Case Study in Branding and Custom Catalog Development

American-made and globally distributed, AFF|group has been manufacturing a diverse suite of textile products for over three decades. In order to advance their vision as a leader in the market, they rolled out a brand new website and custom distributor catalog system.

AFF Group-Portfolio-Catalog2
AFF Group-Portfolio-Catalog 1


Operating under American Foam Co. for over 30 years, the company rebranded to AFF|group and relocated to a more expansive facility that matched their expanding offerings. With a new name and clearer vision, they were ready to make a substantial improvement to their online presence with STORY.

As an established manufacturer with a new brand and a more targeted focus, AFF|group needed help crafting a look and messaging for their website that matched. We designed a website that subtly emphasized their fabrics and textures, showcased their market strengths, was easy to use, utilized new photography and videography, and included a custom-developed catalog system for distributors.


Web Design (UI/UX)