Element Smart Control's Leap into the Homebuilding Market

Element Smart Controls partnered with STORY to transform their business from a B2C model to a B2B enterprise, expanding their market to homebuilders and significantly increasing their revenue. Formerly focused on simple smart home TV mounting and audio installations, Element Smart Controls now undertakes expansive projects with homebuilders throughout the Upstate, SC region.



STORY's strategic approach helped Element Smart Controls successfully transition to the B2B market, targeting custom home builders with tailored digital marketing campaigns. By implementing Google Ads, programmatic (including geofencing, query targeting, and account-based marketing), and social media strategies, Element Smart Controls effectively reached their target audience and solidified their position in the B2B market.

Since partnering with STORY, Element Smart Controls has experienced significant growth in their B2B business, with a notable increase in revenue and project scope. The strategic combination of Google Ads, programmatic, and social media campaigns has helped Element Smart Controls establish themselves as a leader in providing smart home solutions to homebuilders in the Upstate region. From 2022 to 2023, we helped Element increase tracked conversions by 83% and phone calls by 40%


Google Ads
Programmatic Ads
Social Media