STORY's Digital Strategy Blooms for Southern Lawn Care

Southern Lawn Care has a long track record of quality service spanning 17 years and wanted to translate this success into continued growth and a wider client base in the local area. The objective was clear: enhance their online presence and attract new clients.



To advance Southern Lawn Care, our marketing strategy was crafted with a synergistic approach. This involved various key elements:

We revamped their website to ensure a seamless user experience that mirrors the quality of service provided by Southern Lawn Care. Additionally, we optimized the website for local SEO to enhance visibility in specific service areas, thus reaching potential customers more effectively.

Targeted advertising played a crucial role. We employed a blend of search engine marketing and display banners to attract high-intent traffic to the website. Complementing this, strategic social media campaigns were executed to bolster Southern Lawn Care's digital presence and engage with the audience effectively.

Lastly, engagement and retention were prioritized. We implemented remarketing initiatives to stay top-of-mind for site visitors, encouraging repeat visits and ultimately driving conversions. This comprehensive strategy aimed to propel Southern Lawn Care forward by maximizing its online reach and fostering lasting connections with its audience.


Web Design (UI/UX)
Google Ads
Programmatic Ads
Social Media