I have a website. Why do I need a blog?

A website is a great tool to have, however while we believe it is the most important tool of your online marketing, it should not stand alone. Social media and specifically a blog should be used in conjunction with your website.

What does a blog do that a website doesn’t? Well for one it’s easy to update.  Not everyone has the time or money or the STORY Editor in place to easily update their website.  Anyone can update a blog. Also, Google and other search engines LOVE blogs. Especially if you include links to your website from your blog.  It all becomes part of SEO.

Blogs get your users involved. The greatest part about a blog is the comment section below. Your users can add their comments, ask questions, interact with both you and other users. The possibilities are tremendous.

The point is, your business needs a blog.

Ben Pettit

Meet Ben Pettit, the friendly face behind STORY. As Founder and CEO, Ben brings his passion for entrepreneurship, creative strategy, and business development to every project he works on. He's helped hundreds of companies across the US and the world, working with clients as far away as Honduras, Italy, Germany, Poland, England, Ireland, Wales, and Romania. You might recognize Ben from his TV appearances, where he shares his marketing expertise with local audiences. He's also a prolific writer, with his thought leadership pieces read by audiences far and wide. And when he's not working with clients or writing, Ben loves sharing his marketing insights with college and university students as a guest speaker. So if you're looking for a marketing expert who's approachable, knowledgeable, and passionate, Ben Pettit is your guy and STORY your agency!