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Every brand starts with a story.

DISCLAIMER: The following contains a lot of words; they are all important, and it is imperative that you read them. Your brand may depend on it.

Every brand starts with a story. We are here to help you discover and finesse yours. Your brand is the heartbeat of your company; it touches everything you do. It’s the experience your audience receives when they interact with your organization on any level. From your business card to the restaurant you choose for your lunch meeting, your story is told through each interaction.

We do great work, with great people, for great people.

Can we design your creative? Do we build websites? Can we create your packaging? Can we launch your product with Google Adwords and SEO? Yes, we can! We actually do so much more than that. We walk our clients through our five step brand process so that we can adequately reach your marketing goals. We’ve painstakingly created this process to survey, dialog, and assess your brand. We believe that this infrastructure is required to build creative and promotional material that accurately reflects your organization. Without this data, it would be a mirage. You could use the “Good Guess Method” most companies use to assess what customers want. But, the “Good Guess Method” is just that, a guess.

Who is the main character of your story (primary value proposition)? Who is the villain (competitors)? We are storytellers who create, craft, mold, and strategize for brands. All good stories and dare we say good brands have a beginning (where you are now), a middle (short term goals), and an end (long term goals). Where does your band stack up? STORY will walk you through a strategic process that will build your brand equity with your current audience and increase your visibility with your targets.



We become students of your organization. We learn everything we can about your business, your customers, and your sales and marketing process. Then we learn everything we can about your competitors and your market. We listen, we survey, we research. For the questions we don’t have data, we poll.

Mission & Vision
Target Audience
Sales Process
Customer Satisfaction
Marketing Touches
Products & Services
Company Culture
Company History
Business Philosophy
Competition Analysis
On-Site Visits
Focus Groups



We define your business goals, your target market, and your unique value. Then we make key decisions to position your brand as a market leader. We use our knowledge, data collected, and industry expertise to make smart recommendations for your organization. Now we can position with purpose and direction.

Core Values
Brand Attributes
Strengths & Weaknesses
Opportunities & Threats
Business Category
Target Market



More than just a phase, Position is our primary milestone. It is the cornerstone of our process. In this phase, we make concrete decisions about who your brand is. We lay the foundations of your story and position your brand correctly within the market. We suggest and mold the creative mood and tempo for your company and culture. We create the plans for your marketing and we begin to create the timelines to roll those plans out.

Target Audience
Value Propositions
Creative Concepts
Creative Concepts
Creative Tone & voice



Now that we’ve laid a framework, we can jump into the fun part! Many companies that contact us want to skip right to this phase, and they occasionally laugh when we say, “it is impossible.” When we develop your brand, the byproduct is creative that has legs. Backed by the brand decisions already made, this work will reflect who you truly are as an organization and will usher you down the path of success.

Business/Product Naming
Brand Marks (logo+)
URL Naming
Style: color/standards
Product/Service Creation



In this phase we will create a customized marketing toolkit for your organization. Following your marketing plan, our team of creatives, photographers, designers, and developers will go to work making you look fabulous in both digital and print. Our brand process now allows us to create targeted platforms and campaigns that breathe life into your sales.

Web Design
Web Development
Web Application Development
Content Creation
Direct Mail
Email Marketing
Digital Books
Google Adwords
Facebook Ads
Media Relations
Print Collateral
Reputation Management
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Management
Video Campaigns